Superbike / Senior

Superbike racing motorcycles are generally derived from standard production models and are both quick and powerful - 1000cc engines with over 200bhp.

In general the bikes must maintain the same profile as their road going counterparts, with the same overall appearance as seen from the front, rear and sides.

Teams are allowed to improve the performance of the standard bike however with the rules allowing for various levels of engine tuning and aftermarket chassis improvements.

Class statistics
Races RST Superbike Race & Senior Race
Race Distance 6 Laps / 226.38 miles
Lap Record Peter Hickman – 135.452mph / 16 minutes 42 seconds
Race Record Peter Hickman 131.700mph/ 1:43.08.065
Number Board White background with black numbers
Manufacturers BMW – Honda – Kawasaki – Norton – Suter – Suzuki – Yamaha