Renowned for his remarkable bravery and unquestionable talent racing 200bhp motorcycles, Conor Cummins has etched his name into TT history.

Conor embodies the spirit of the races, but beyond the roar of engines and the rush of adrenaline, his story takes a more unexpected turn toward his other passion: coffee.

Conrod Coffee Company came to life when Conor suffered a devastating setback in 2010. Gunning for the lead of the Senior TT, Conor took a wild high-speed tumble off the Mountain Road. His bike, like a missile, sends the sheep running for cover, while his body, like a rag-doll, somehow pulls off a miracle, flying over the looming stone wall and steering clear of total disaster.

Airlifted off the mountainside, Conor goes straight into theatre, the local ace facing an eleven-hour marathon operation to insert two metal rods between his pelvis and shoulder blades, which Conor has humorously dubbed ‘Con-rods’. Conor’s physical and mental health was tested to the limit, but it was while he was in this difficult place that he discovered a love for coffee.

Conor’s journey from the hospital bed back to the TT podium is an inspiring one. It's a story about choosing freedom, embracing passion and taking risks. This is the essence of Conrod Coffee Company. It’s not just about brewing great coffee, but also about living life to the fullest.


Drawing inspiration from three pivotal moments in TT history, Conor has teamed up with the Isle of Man TT Races to create a trio of officially licensed blends: 1907, 1911, and 2010.

Infused with the same warmth and camaraderie found in the motorcycling community, and each packed with a unique flavoursome kick, the three blends not only take you on a sensory journey, but with their inspiration stories, they also embody the courage, innovation and indomitable spirit of TT racers past and present.

Available as beans or ground, you can take advantage of home delivery and get your hands on these special dual-branded coffees by ordering directly from Conrod Coffee Company. Or, if you are coming to the TT this year, keep a lookout for Conor’s coffee when you’re visiting the TT Paddock or travelling around the island.

After all, a coffee with friends is a cup worth savouring!


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