Arai seeks to protect what is priceless.

All Arai helmets are handmade by dedicated craftsmen from top quality materials, offering the ultimate in technology and the result of more than 50 years’ experience devoted solely to the art of helmet construction and, of course, protection. Arai also has an unparalleled history of innovation, developing and state-of-the-art advances in every detail of helmet comfort, fit, aerodynamics and design. Arai is leading the field in the science of Glancing Off, each Arai employs a smooth, rounded shell shape to deflect and dissipate impact energy from speed. Nothing is too small to matter. Because Arai seeks to protect what is priceless.


To minimize impact energy getting into the helmet, it’s crucial that a helmet can slide over a surface. Arai believes that a Strong, Round & Smooth shell helps to increase a helmets ability to protect the rider during an impact. Shells with sharp edges or vent ducts that don’t break off can reduce the helmet’s ability to slide, sending energy into the helmet, or even enhance rotational energy.