With the promise of live TT coverage and a dedicated OTT channel on the way, fans can look forward to many things in 2022. However, it’s not just on the internet where fans can enjoy greater access to the TT. For those making the pilgrimage to the Island, the introduction of the TT Fan Park is set to transform rest days and time away from the track. Boasting full and uninterrupted live coverage on the big screen, fans can anticipate two whole weeks of lively entertainment, including live music, signing sessions, games, competitions and more.

Situated adjacent to the TT Grandstand, the free-to-attend Fan Park was to first feature at TT 2020. Chris Pritchard was gearing up to host that first edition when the pandemic enforced a two-year postponement, but it’s a slightly different proposition already for 2022, as he explains:

‘My life has certainly been made a whole lot easier with live TT race coverage. Next year we’ll be able to show all the TV coverage on the big screens, which will make for fascinating entertainment. Fans visiting the Park will be able to catch every minute of the action, and not just on-screen, but trackside too. It’s a sort of ‘best of both worlds’ for some fans. Talking of TV, we’ll also have the outdoor broadcast studio on site, so not only can you see all the live coverage as it goes out, but you can come and see it being made.’

The TT Fan Park is going to take access up another level


For Chris, however, the Fan Park is much more than a list of services and entertainment. Immersed in the world of sport and content creation, he is someone who instinctively understands the appeal.

‘Fan Parks are very popular today. Some of that is the age-old appeal of coming together and sharing special moments with like-minded people, but Fan Parks have found a real niche when it comes to accessing sports stars. They are an ideal way to connect fans with their heroes, and that sort of access is unbeatable – it’s something we all love and appreciate.'

‘The TT is actually already a leader in this area; you can already collect countless autographs and selfies just by walking round the Grandstand area and visiting the team awnings in the Paddock. You can access miles and miles of trackside vantage points at no extra cost and between racing you may bump into your favourite rider at the local ice-cream shop. The TT Fan Park is just going to take that access up another level - and we’re going to achieve that through some interesting and entertaining content.’

Just one example of the entertaining content Chris has lined up for fans will be the Prize Presentations, which will get a super-charged make-over as they move out from their current venue and into the Park. Like all things in the Park, attendance will be free of charge and it’s a good example of where fans can meet their heroes in a different environment, as Chris explains:

‘This one is very much the ‘Charlie Williams Show’, but in any case, fans will be able to come along each day between race days and celebrate with their favourite riders. There is still something special about seeing your racing heroes outside of race time and without the helmet. It’s just more human and I encourage everyone to come down and support the riders.’

With events and entertainment scheduled morning to night, the TT Fan Park will also be geared up to provide a range of services and amenities from free parking to under-cover venues. Fans will also be able to stay fuelled up, thanks to a superb range of street food and local artisan goodies, while there are all sorts of drinks on tap at the TT’s official bar, The Trackside.


With more and more fans arriving on island by air or without their own transport, spectating at the Fan Park can provide a stress-free day at the TT – especially those staying in the Douglas area or those travelling light. Not only can you catch every minute of the racing, but you can access all the amenities you need to make your day comfortable and all the entertainment you need to make your day memorable. There are also Grandstand Tickets available for that ‘best of both worlds’ experience.


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