If you follow other sports, you may already be familiar with the Fan Voice concept.

No gimmick either, F1 Fan Voice has proved to have real influence and TT Fan Voice should be no different. Indeed, we see TT Fan Voice as an essential tool in improving everyone’s customer experience. Sure, it provides another level of useful insight, but ultimately delivering value to fans is the aim and priority.


Our drive to increase customer feedback goes back to 2019. That year’s ‘Fan Survey’ was our biggest ever consultation, covering most facets of the TT experience. As well as all the quick snapshots and consensus that multiple answers give, we were really keen to collect the unadulterated views of fans - and that’s exactly what we got!

Indeed, it’s fair to say that the passion TT fans continually display ran right through the hundreds of raw comments, each now carefully collated and recorded. That same passion was evident by the size of the response too. In fact, almost no other survey or public consultation here on the island has ever attracted so many responses, so we could see straight away the value in continuing this journey with you.




It’s really important for all TT fans to know what happens to their feedback. Whilst none of us welcomed the arrival of Covid, it did afford the opportunity to use the Fan Survey in the best way possible, presenting your views to policy makers and sharing your thoughts with the event’s stakeholders. Stakeholders? Now there’s a word that isn’t universally loved, but when your stakeholder sessions include personalities like Peter Hickman and John McGuinness, the TT is perhaps (and again) different from so many events.

One thing that was certainly different for many was the emerging world of Zoom, with your feedback dissected and discussed in cars, bedrooms and makeshift offices right around the country. Whilst getting to grips with online meetings threw up a few humorous moments, nearly 100 stakeholders came together through a 3-month long series of focus groups with the future health and shape of the TT in mind. One immediate takeaway, without any need for a survey, was how well-loved and cared for the TT still is today.

With ever-increasing momentum, evidence, feedback and insight, there soon flowed from these sessions the creation of a new TT Strategy. There’s much more on that to come, but for the here and now, we can trace the introduction of TT Fan Voice back to this work and, in particular, the wish to elevate customer service and customer experience through a ‘customer first’ approach.




Simple really. If you receive the TT newsletter or follow us via any of our digital channels, you’ll be able to instantly access TT Fan Voice with no need to sign up to any separate platform, database, or community.

Our first topic, travel and accommodation, was always going to be one of those big topics that demanded a beefy questionnaire. Your previous feedback told us this was your number one issue, so making it our first topic made absolute sense. However, TT Fan Voice will take many guises - and not everything will be so weighty either. We hope to have a little fun along the way, and going forward we expect to use TT Fan Voice as an interactive feature where you guys get to make all the decisions!

For Paul Phillips, TT Business Development Manager, that sort of accessibility is all important:

“It’s really quite fitting that travel and accommodation was our first topic, as accessing the event is one of our big priorities - whether that’s getting here, meeting our star riders or following from home. Any TT fan who has visited the paddock or jumped on a hedge can already enjoy a level of accessibility that other events don’t or can’t offer, but we aim to provide even greater accessibility through new features and new content too. For me, TT Fan Voice is a great way to gift fans access and influence in the decision-making process.”




Needless to say, it is intended that TT Fan Voice will become an effective tool, helping to inform key decisions as well as giving fans further opportunities to engage with the TT. We will keep you updated on key findings and will let you know just how your feedback is being used.

Feel free to ask us any questions or make any comments. We would love to hear from you and will try our best to answer any questions in subsequent posts and via subsequent Fan Voice features.


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