The ‘Virtual TT in association with Motul’ is coming to ITV4 in an hour-long special, due to air on Wednesday 17th June from 7pm.

The programme, which ITV4 have billed as the ‘e-TT’, will feature race highlights from all eight riders and gamers that took part. It will be hosted by Chris Pritchard with TT commentator Dave Moore.

The line-up of professional riders features some of the biggest names in the TT, including Manx racer, Conor Cummins; UK riders Jamie Coward, Davey Todd, five-time TT Race winner and current actual lap record holder Peter Hickman; Australia’s Rennie Scaysbrook; France’s Julian Toniutti; Spain’s Raul Torras Martinez; and Californian, Mark Miller.

One of the TT competitors who took part in the tournament, Raul Torras Martinez from Spain, said: “To be honest, I’ve been really impressed with the videogame. The layout of the Mountain Course is very realistic, and sometimes I was playing feeling as though I was there in real life. But as it is virtual, and you are able to crash without consequence. You don’t get arm pump, neck pain, I didn’t feel nervous, and many times you ride over the edge… and nothing happens when you crash.  It’s a good way to keep the track front of mind.”

He continued: “I’ve been quite busy, even in lockdown, but I managed to play the game regularly three weeks before the event. A very intense three weeks because when I do something, I give it my best. I like racing, I’m competitive, as all racers, I guess, and I want to win. Every day over the three weeks was a pattern: sleep, work, play and repeat.”

Each of the TT stars are teamed up with an experienced gamer from around the world; from Russia, Alex Petrov; from the USA, Stefy Bau and from the UK, Darrel Grundy, Sara Leghari and Kenny Lam. Also joining the line-up are three Isle of Man-based gaming enthusiasts, Sam Tipper and Louis Porter, as well as Aaron Hislop, son of racing legend Steve Hislop.


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