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One of this year's most hotly anticipate newcomers, BSB racer and multi North West 200 champion, Glenn Irwin joins hosts Chris Pritchard and Steve Plater on The TT Podcast ahead of his long awaited TT debut this year.

Irwin gives an insight into the ‘A* revision’ he’s done in preparation for the event and how having the legendary John McGuinness MBE as a teammate will help shape his racing, whilst also taking the opportunity to grill Steve for tips from his own career round the Mountain Course.

Despite being pushed by both Chris and Steve, the Carrickfergus man avoids making any specific claims about how his first TT may pan out, saying he’s not even sure what the standard is for newcomers and that approaching road racing with respect and realism is the way to achieve success, though he does admit to literally dreaming of victory.

One of many competitive siblings, Glenn talks about the structure and discipline instilled in his family by his mum and dad, who is himself a successful racer, during their motocross racing days and how that has shaped his career and his own parenting now that he has a son and a daughter of his own.

Named by Chris and Steve as one of the few riders out there willing to be open about his mental health, Glenn also discusses the rough times he has faced, including temporarily losing sight in his left eye to stress, and why talking about it and making the necessary changes is important for him and anyone who needs support.

However, not a man for sitting still for long, Irwin also talks about his love for the business of racing and how you have to find the balance between family and focussing on racing alongside the expectations to win, though he admits that preseason is the toughest part of his schedule.

Reflecting on a crash at Knockhill last year, Irwin spoke in the podcast about his progress in recovery and the rush he and his phy sio now face to make sure he’s ready for the racing calendar coming up.

The Honda rider also takes on the TT Podcast lightning round where he’s pushed for his opinions on everything from getting a TT race win or outright lap record to his preference between Lager and Guinness.

Watch the full video verison of the Glenn Irwin podcast exclusively on  TT+, or you can listen to Glenn’s episode now wherever you get your podcasts. Next up on the TT podcast is the legendary Michael Dunlop.


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