The inaugural episode of The TT Podcast, starts off with the man that has lapped the Isle of Man TT Mountain Course faster than any other - Peter Hickman.

TT Fan Park host, Chris Pritchard, and 2-time TT winner, Steve Plater, sat down with Peter to discuss a number of subjects ranging from his early years, his TT success stories, his most famous fan, and what it feels like to get that ‘Tap on the Shoulder’.

Of course, there couldn’t be a podcast with the 135mph man, without looking back at his historic lap from TT 2018. And Peter gave a refreshingly honest assessment. He says, “it could have been faster, and I could have been more ruthless, but I will not do it at all costs. You’ve got to use your head.”

But, where did he get this perfectly measured approach towards racing from? Chris and Steve went back to the early years, learning that Peter’s father, Dave Hickman, was a huge influence, despite his best efforts to persuade his son away from the sport. “He initially didn’t want me to ride a bike at all, especially not road racing”.

However, the disapproval didn’t last long. After saving for a year at the age of 12, Peter had secretly bought his first bike and “hid it round the back of the house”. And, eventually, his dad conceded, but with one caveat, as Peter explained, “if I was going to do it anyway, then he would help me, and teach me to do it correctly”.

Known for his laid-back approach towards life and racing, Peter admits that he can’t wait for the 2022 Isle of Man TT Races. He dissects the famous 2018 Senior TT Race with Dean Harrison and discusses why the TT Course is perfectly suited for him. “For me, the bigger the circuit the better. The Isle of Man is so diverse. There are sections that are really short-circuity, and there are sections that are really big, fast, open and long”.

For more insights and conversation with the 5 times race winner and outright record lap holder, Episode 1 of The TT Podcast with Peter Hickman is available now on your preferred podcast platform. And be sure to subscribe, as there are plenty more episodes to come every fortnight with more personalities from the greatest motor-sporting event in the world.


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