Rob Hodson, The TT Podcast

Rob Hodson: Raised in the TT Paddock

Next up on The TT Podcast is Rob Hodson. The Lancashireman joined Chris Pritchard and Steve Plater to talk them through his childhood and relationship with the TT Races.

In part one, we learn that Rob's Dad, who got over 100 starts at the TT Races across his racing career, brought Rob to the TT from just 3-years old, and it was his self-proclaimed TT Paddock upbringing that got him into his road racing career.

In part two, Rob reveals how he wishes he’d have ridden the TT earlier than he did, and talks us through his plan to be better on the Superbikes. He explains how riding roads changed his enjoyment of short circuits and also opens up about his famous racing family.

Both parts of Rob Hodson’s podcast are out now on TT+, and wherever else you get your podcasts.

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