Isle of Man TT Races 2022_Birchalls Startline


In the final episode of Series 1 of The TT Podcast, host Chris Pritchard takes a look back to find the best answers to the question we ask every single guest, ’How does it feel to get that tap on the shoulder?’.

Where better to begin than with one of the first episodes of the series, 23-time TT winner John McGuinness MBE is no stranger to a tap on the shoulder as he made his 100th Race Start at this year’s TT, but does it get any easier? McGuinness shares what’s going through his head and the questions he asks himself such as ‘have I done everything I can?’ as he prepares to head out onto the mountain course.

They’re the sidecar duo that dominated this year’s TT , Ben and Tom Birchall joined Chris and Steve for Episode 7 of The TT Podcast – Winning Together. The Birchall Brothers have a slightly different experience of the ‘Tap on the Shoulder’ compared to the solo competitors. Ben explains that tries to keep a clear head but admits even the thought of that ‘tap’ makes the hairs on the back of his neck stand-up, whilst Tom says as he watches Ben gets that tap it’s like a flick of the switch and all emotions are gone.

As well as hearing from Michael Rutter, a man that simply has the TT in his DNA, Chris also reflects on his favourite episode of the series so far with TT legend Carl Fogarty MBE. Plus he looks back at the most recent episode of the podcast with the 2022 Milwaukee Senior TT winner, Peter Hickman. With 4 wins under his belt this year and now a 9-time TT winner, how did it feel for Hickman to finally be back on the startline after 3 years waiting for that tap…

Looking forward to the next series of The TT Podcast? On Friday 15th July, your hosts Chris Pritchard and Steve Plater will be back bringing you more star-studded names from the world of the TT but the big news for series two is this time you’ll be getting weekly episodes.

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