John Barton, ex-racer and current employee of the ACUE, joins Chris and Lee on The TT Podcast this week.

In the first part of the episode, John tells us why the time was right for him to hang up the leathers and step up into a bigger role in the TT organisation, with the ACUE.

He reveals how the Isle of Man TT has changed over the years, including how there’s more support for riders today than ever before, and he even gives insight into the newcomer process for signing up to compete in the TT.

In episode 2, ‘Barty’ describes the feeling of achieving his dream of riding the Isle of Man TT aged just 17 years old, when it was different compared to the pressures modern racers are under now. He reveals his tip for the next big stars of TT and what advice he passes on to the newcomers now.

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