This week on The TT Podcast, Chris Pritchard and Lee Johnston are speaking to the Head of Motorsport at the Isle of Man TT Races, Paul Phillips.

On this episode of The TT Podcast, we get insight from the year-round, strategic side of the TT. Paul, who oversees the promotion of the event talks to Chris and Lee about taking reins of the TT “at its lowest point”. He explains that those early years involved building the event’s first ever strategy to help ensure its future and the consequent task of getting respect for the race within the industry

In part two Paul talks about how the fallow years of TT during the Covid pandemic actually helped to re-focus efforts in the strategy to raise awareness for the event. He reveals what we can expect from the TT in future years, why social media is so important and answers questions on the battle to keep the race safe whilst keeping its ‘magic’.

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