Peter Hickman: Milwaukee Senior TT Winner

Just hours after lifting the 2022 Milwaukee Senior TT Trophy, Peter Hickman joined hosts Chris Pritchard and Steve Plater for this special edition of the TT Podcast.

Still sat in his leathers fresh out of his fourth win of the week at the 2022 Isle of Man TT Races, Hickman talks with Chris and Steve about returning to the course, changes to the track and how that tap on the shoulder feeling remains indescribable.

Hickman took this year’s TT by storm and he gives a huge amount of credit to the team around him, explaining that despite him being the one to race the pressure to perform is equally placed on everyone, going on to add without quick pits and the work on the bike behind the scenes, a win wouldn't be possible.

Not a natural supertwin rider due to his height, Hickman goes on to tell Chris and Steve how although he got his first ever win in the Bennetts Supertwin TT Race, he was disappointed that Michael Dunlop was stopped by a technical issue as he would have liked to endure a fair fight to the win.  

Whilst he remains the TT’s fastest man with the current lap record of 135.452mph, Hickman did lose his fastest newcomer crown to Glenn Irwin, saying it was to be expected having set his newcomer record 8 years earlier. Finally, with no plans of stopping anytime soon, Hickman explains the secrets of his success and his unconditional love of the TT.  

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