Phillip McCallen


This week, The TT Podcast takes a riveting journey into the past with none other than the iconic Phillip McCallen.

In the first instalment, the boys caught up with Phillip the day after he took part in the Legends Lap at the 2023 Manx Grand Prix, which, he said, helped reaffirm his decision to retire. He dwells on what got him to that point though, and reflects from his beginnings of growing-up in Northern Ireland through to retirement, and his relentless pursuit of excellence that got him there.

Phillip talks about the duality of his persona and how his “nice guy” attitude off the track contrasts sharply with his “uber-competitive” side on it. His history and knowledge of psychology means we learn more about the science behind what it takes to race and we get a glimpse into the psyche of a true racing legend.

In the second part of the episode, Phillip talks us through his most intense races and how they lead him to become obsessed with winning five TTs in a day. He reveals that throughout his career he made sure injury never got in the way of riding, and that his intense persona that got him to the success he saw throughout his racing career also meant he nearly ripped the bars off his bike.

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