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Steve Plater: Been There, Done It, Won It

In a move which sees the TT Podcast flipped around, usual host Steve Plater takes the role of the guest this week as Chris Pritchard interviews his usual partner.

The famously candid racer and presenter discusses why he came to road racing later then most and how the competitive edge took a while to kick in, despite the fact that he showed an aptitude for the sport from the get go.

Known for taking on a variety of racing disciplines, Steve gets into what it was like to be at the top of his game for both endurance events and national superbike championships whilst letting Chris in on his time racing for a variety of teams across the years. Having had the chance to work with some of the best in the business, he talks of what it was like to have experienced names like John McGuinness and Mick Grant in his corner.

Despite already airing some of his best tales as a host of the podcast, there’s plenty more from the TT winner as he spills about a variety of stories including the interesting practice lap he had in a hire car with his wife, how his broken neck from a crash at the North West 200 went unnoticed for a week and what it was like trying to bring it home for his Senior win in 2009.

The two part interview also of course covers Steve’s incredibly quick rise to the top around the Mountain Course during his short time at the TT and whether he thinks that story could be replicated by riders now. He talks about the mentally draining effort that is required to get round the course at all, let alone at a winning pace against some of the best in the world.

Despite being forced into retirement after a crash, Steve admits that his competitive spirit was easy to leave behind after ticking all the boxes he wanted do during his career and that he may not have gone back to the TT anyway after his success in 2009 as the only goal he had left was to break the outright lap record.

Now known as an incredibly successful pundit and the man who has been covering the TT on your screens for a decade, Steve talks about how he got into the presenting game, how much he loves the Isle of Man and what a privilege it is to have the chance to be the ‘face of the TT on television’ and now take on the TT Podcast itself.

Finally, Steve gets a taste of his own medicine as he takes on the infamous quick fire round with questions ranging from BSB or TT, Dunlop vs Hutchy and the very personal, Matt Roberts vs Chris Pritchard.

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