The ultimate test of man and machine… The hardest race on the planet… The greatest motor-sporting event in the world. For as long as men and women have been competing at the Isle of Man TT Races, people have been trying to explain just how special it truly is. ‘Between the Hedges’ – an exclusive new mini-series aims to take viewers into the unique and fascinating world of the TT.

In-depth interviews with some of the sport’s biggest stars gives insight like never before as they explore first laps, scariest moments, winning, losing, breaking records and living life Between the Hedges.

The big question: Who is 'King of the Mountain'? Some of the TT's biggest names give their thoughts...

Episode 1 asks the big question; who is King of the Mountain? It’s a title reserved for only the greatest in the sport, but is it for the all-time greatest, the man fastest man there is, or the one that’s in the richest vein of form? Peter Hickman, John McGuinness MBE, Dean Harrison, Conor Cummins, Davey Todd and many others give their thoughts on who holds the crown, but is there an heir to the throne…

Episode 2 explores The Mountain Course. 6 sectors, over 200 corners, and 37.73-miles of tarmac that are unlike any other in the world. In the words of the TT’s fastest man, Peter Hickman: “You cannot compare this circuit to anywhere else in the world… not even a tiny bit. I actually think it’s indescribable.”

Episode 3, streaming now on TT+, looks at another of the TT’s idiosyncrasies – the time trial format and the Ten Second Gaps that the competitors find between one another. The TT Course is the ultimate test of man and machine but, with the ten second gaps, it’s a race against the clock, so how do competitors approach this unique race, and what is like to be number one and the first man away, with a target on your back?

Jamie Coward - TT+ - Between The Hedges

Clear road ahead or clearing a path to follow? The pros and cons of being number 1 are discussed in Episode Three


New episodes of the 8-part series are available every Wednesday on the @TTRacesOfficial YouTube channel, whilst TT+ users get early access with episodes premiering every Monday.

TT+ is totally free and gives access to exclusive interviews and features, extended race highlights, and over 100 archive races. It’s also the only place to find live coverage of the Isle of Man TT Races via the TT+ Live Pass – on sale now for a discounted early bird price of £14.99.

The series continues weekly and will focus on The Island and how it becomes home for tens of thousands of fans who, for many, turn one trip into an annual pilgrimage. It will look to the future and the Young Blood – the rising stars of the TT and what it takes for them to reach the top – before finally examining The Power & The Glory that comes with the Senior TT, and what it’s like to win the most coveted prize in road racing.


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