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1969 Senior TT
Position Competitor(s) Time Speed Machine
1 Agostini, Giacomo 2:09:40.20 104.75 MV
2 Barnett, Alan 2:18:12.60 98.28 Metisse
3 Dickie, Tom 2:18:44.20 97.92 Seeley
4 Woodman, Derek 2:19:03.40 97.69 Seeley
5 Findlay, John 2:21:15.60 96.17 Norton
6 Chandler, Ron 2:21:42.80 95.87 Seeley
7 Jolly, Steve 2:24:51.00 93.78 Seeley
8 Griffiths, Selwyn 2:25:36.00 93.3 Matchless
9 Darvill, Peter 2:25:37.60 93.29 Norton
10 Spencer, Steve 2:26:06.00 92.98 Metisse
11 Adams, Brian 2:27:18.40 92.22 Norton
12 Duckett, Vin 2:27:22.00 92.18 Matchless
13 Moffatt, Malcolm 2:29:11.80 91.05 Matchless
14 Butenuth, Hans-Otto 2:29:36.40 90.9 BMW
15 Heckles, Keith 2:29:58.60 90.58 Norton
16 Barry, Geoff 2:30:35.40 90.21 Matchless
17 Spooner, Albert 2:30:47.00 90.09 Norton
18 Moses, Brian 2:31:04.20 89.92 Norton
19 Kane, Bill 2:31:14.20 89.92 Matchless
20 O'Brien, P.C. 2:35:20.00 87.45 Matchless
21 Foulkes, David 2:36:04.00 87.04 Norton
22 Trollope, Dennis 2:36:31.60 86.79 Norton
23 Edwards, Brian 2:38:01.00 85.97 Norton
24 Breingan, Ray 2:38:33.20 85.68 Norton
26 Cooper, Adrian 2:39:31.80 85.1 Suzuki
27 Reid, Roy 2:39:51.00 84.98 Norton
28 Reynolds, Harry 2:42:11.60 83.76 Metisse
29 Filler, Derek 2:45:02.60 82.31 Norton
30 Knight, Ray 2:50:36.60 79.63 Triumph
31 Hannan, Ross 2:58:55.20 75.92 Norton
R Williams, John G. Metisse
R Evans, Hugh CRD
R Willmott, Tony Norton
R Ward, Carl Norton
R Carlsson, Kurt-Ivan Norton
R Swales, Brian Norton
R Smart, Paul Norton
R Cott, Paul Norton
R Biscardine, Bob Norton
R Bisbey, Roy Norton
R Barnacle, George Triumph
R Clark, Bert Matchless
R Baylie, Ron Triumph
R Allen, A. Velocette
R Kempster, Les Norton
R Andrew, Mick Seeley
R Gallagher, Denis Matchless
R Walton, Fred Metisse
R Perris, Frank Suzuki
R Pagani, Alberto Linto
R Carruthers, Kel Aermacchi
R Gill, Tom Norton
R Williams, David BSA
R Godfrey, Tony Seeley
R Price, Norman Norton
R Stopford, Roger Norton
R Dobson, Charlie Matchless
R Taylor, John Matchless
R Simmons, Roy Norton
R Pallister, Terry Norton
R Cash, Doug Norton
R Borland, Gerry JD spl
R May, Dennis Norton
R Sharp, Graham Norton
R Dawson, Walter Norton
R Lawton, Alan Norton
R Walther, Ernst Drixton
R Graham, Roy Matchless
R Corbett, Roger Domiracer
R Steenson, Brian Matchless
R Sanby, Charlie Seeley
R Robb, Tommy Norton
R Findlay, Jack Aermacchi
R Smith, Bill Matchless
R Uphill, Malcolm Norton
R Ashcroft, Raymond Matchless
R Fulton, Bill Norton
R Wetherall, John Norton
R Neveling, Garth Norton
R Woods, Stephen EWS
R Heath, Bob Norton
R Kay, Ken Norton
R Capper, Roly Matchless
R Weil, Lance Norton
R Lawson, Cliff Norton
R Butcher, Rex Seeley
R Palmer, Nigel Metisse
R Bergamonti, Angelo Paton
R Neve, Chris Matchless
R Randle, Barry Norton
R Andersson, Billy Crescent
R Jefferies, Tony Triumph
R Fursman, Ron Norton
R Keith, Gordon Velocette
R Rutter, Tony Norton
R Murray, Steve Matchless