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1938 Lightweight TT

Position Competitor(s) Time Speed Machine
1 Kluge, Ewald 3:21:56.00 78.48 DKW
2 Wood, Ginger 3:33:05.00 74.38 Excelsior
3 Smith, Tyrell 3:35:16.00 73.62 Excelsior
4 Cann, Maurice 3:59:54.00 72.07 Excelsior
5 Manders, Charlie 3:41:06.00 71.68 Excelsior
6 Forbes, Jock 3:43:16.00 70.98 Excelsior
7 Martin, Les 3:43:56.00 70.77 Excelsior
8 Paterson, George 3:47:39.00 69.62 New Imperial
9 Galway, Johnny 3:50:07.00 68.87 Excelsior
10 Miller, Stan 3:50:51.00 68.65 OK
11 Moore, C.V. 3:54:56.00 67.46 New Imperial
12 Graham, Les 3:55:17.00 67.36 OK
13 Brett, Charlie 3:57:34.00 66.71 Excelsior
14 Warren, Pip 3:59:02.00 66.3 New Imperial
R Rusk, Walter OK
R Thomson, J.S. Rudge
Exc Smith, Stan OK
R Cadman, Frank Excelsior
R Craine, Harry Excelsior
R Archer, Les J. New Imperial
R Thomas, Ernie DKW
R Sorensen, Sven Excelsior
R Hartley, Harold Rudge
R Whitworth, David Cotton
R Wunsche, Siegfried DKW
R Mossman, Putt OK
R Stone, C. OK
R Tattersall, Chris CTS
R Simo, Miguel Terrot
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